Tobermory Municipal Airport (NRA) 


The Tobermory Municipal Airport is 4.5 km (2.8 miles) from the shops and galleries of Little Tub Harbour, varied restaurants and accommodations. 

Airport services include:

  • fuel (100 low lead, Avgas)
  • oil
  • Arcal runway lights operate automatically
  • paved runway 3180 feet in length and 75 feet wide
  • hangars
  • tie-downs
  • free parking
  • picnic tables
  • Tobermory Unicom Radio - frequency 122.8

    Please note that Tobermory does not have a car rental at the airport.

Open seasonally each year from May to October 31st, the Airport is staffed during all daylight hours in the summer and 6-days a week during the off-season.
The Tobermory Airport is owned and operated by the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula and is located just off Highway 6 on Warner Bay Road (N45 14 W81 38).

Contact the Airport at: (519) 596-2898